Is Pixel-Shift coming to the Canon EOS R5?

We reported earlier this week that Canon would release a major firmware update for the Canon EOS R5 this year, likely sometime in Q2.

While firmware feature leaks are rare, we’re receiving a lot of chatter about what is coming.

One feature that may be coming to the Canon EOS R5 for stills shooters is “Pixel-Shift”, there are currently no EOS R cameras with this capability.

What is Pixel-Shift?

Pixel shift is a method in digital cameras for producing a super resolution image. The method works by taking several images, after each such capture moving (“shifting”) the sensor to a new position. In digital colour cameras that employ pixel shift, this avoids a major limitation inherent in using Bayer pattern for obtaining colour, and instead produces an image with increased colour resolution and, assuming a static subject or additional computational steps, an image free of colour moiré. Taking this idea further, sub-pixel shifting may increase the resolution of the final image beyond that suggested by the specified resolution of the image sensor.

This would be a welcomed addition for stills shooters, who tend to get less in new firmware than the video folks do.

This is a rumor, and we haven’t confirmed the information above at the time of writing this.

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