Color Creative Week – Learning New AI Tools for Color Grading at the Free Virtual Event

Color Creative Week – Learning New AI Tools for Color Grading at the Free Virtual Event

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. Sometimes we don’t even know we’re using it. Yet it’s important to keep an eye on technology development and learn which useful tools it brings to the table. Coming up next week, Colourlab Ai offers a week-long virtual event for all things color and AI. Every day, from March 13-18th, participants will dive into new techniques and get to know the latest AI tools for color grading. Seminars, workshops, and presentations are free of charge. What’s on the program for Color Creative Week, and how to attend – let’s take a closer look.

As the event description states, it doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned colorist or just getting started.

This event is a chance for attendees to explore the latest in color grading technology, learn from industry experts, and connect with other professionals in the field.

Dado Valentic, CEO of Colourlab Ai and organizer of Color Creative Week

AI tools for color grading and other highlights of Color Creative Week

Planned sessions on color and AI include showcasing different ways in which new tools can assist in color grading: from automatic matching and grouping to AI-generated look recommendations. One of the event lectures, for example, will be fully dedicated to tips and tricks on how to deploy advanced color-managed workflows in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Another seminar features the widely known AI language model ChatGPT. We previously gave several suggestions on how to support your writing with it. Apparently, ChatGPT is also useful for colorists and color scientists, and we can discover why and how on the second day of Color Creative Week.

Organizers have also invited Jeff Greenberg (aka Mr. Green), one of the trainers for the International Colorist Academy (a veteran trainer for Avid, Adobe, FCP, and Davinci), to talk about his intense experience with artificial intelligence. In the Office Hours session, he’ll give an overview from the editorial perspective on what new instruments you can implement in your postproduction workflow.

Jeff Greenberg
Image source: Jeff Greenberg’s official website

As a bonus, Color Creative Week will give away one Colourlab Ai studio license every day. This software (developed by a Hollywood-based startup Colour Intelligence) uses a neural network, which is trained for cinematic content, to simplify some of the color grading processes. For example, it helps instantly match hours of dailies to a graded clip or reference image.

Coulourlab Ai interface
Coulourlab Ai interface. Image source: Colourlab Ai / Colour Intelligence

Every day – new topic

The event sessions start each day at 10:00 PST (Los Angeles time). Here is a brief overview of the schedule and featured topics:

  • Day 1 – Five ways in which AI can help with Color Grading
  • Day 2 – ChatGPT for Color Science
  • Day 3 – Premiere Advanced Color Management – ACEScct to Dolby Vision Master
  • Day 4 – Winter Look Academy Winners
  • Day 5 – Office Hours with Mr. Green

To get a detailed description of all events, please head over to Color Creative Week’s the official webpage.

Image credit: Freepik

How to attend the Color Creative Week?

Registration for the upcoming virtual color grading event is now open. Click here to sign up and get your free online ticket.

After that, you will receive links for each day’s stream on Youtube Live. Also, every participant is welcome to join a special Discord server, where you can ask questions and connect with other filmmakers.

Featured image credit: Colourlab Ai, Colour Intelligence.

And what about you? Do you try to keep up with state-of-the-art technology? Or maybe you are already actively implementing AI tools for color grading on the daily basis? Let us know in the comments below.

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