Streets of Rage 4 gets free update with custom survival mode and more

Show me your (new) moves

These streets never sleep. Or at least, the Streets of Rage never do. Streets of Rage 4 just got a massive free update, adding a custom survival mode, new co-op moves, character balancing, and more.

Co-developers DotEmu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games released the new update on Friday. In it, the crew says, are over 300 improvements to 2020’s Streets of Rage 4. I’ve looked at the list, and it’s massive, including character balancing changes across the cast of this beat ’em up.

One of the big bullet points is the new custom survival mode. This will let players tweak their survival mode experience to their liking, with slides and boxes for starting level, healing, weapons, hazards, enemy scaling, and more. You can get a glimpse of the options in this new trailer:

Another big one is a new co-op attack, where you can pick up and throw your partner for a special strike. It’s like a tag-team wrestling attack, only their fists are on fire. The update is live now for all Streets of Rage 4 owners.

Fists of fury

If you don’t happen to own Streets of Rage 4 yet, this weekend may be a good time to address that. There’s currently a sale across the Steam store, PlayStation Store, and Nintendo eShop. The Mr. X Nightmare DLC is also discounted too, and there’s a bundle on Steam.

Basically, there’s a lot of good reasons to play Streets of Rage 4. The most important one, though, is that it’s a very, very good game. I have some fond memories running through this, both solo and co-op, and it’s great to see this franchise revival still getting updates years later. Though there have been many other brawlers and beat ’em ups since, I always enjoy an excuse to jump back into Streets of Rage.

Eric Van Allen

Senior News Reporter

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