First AI model agency opens with no real life photographers or models

Are you an influencer or own a small brand? Do you need a regular number of photographs to run your business? Do you hate paying for photographers and models? Well, don’t worry because the first AI-based modeling agency has just opened its doors for business.

Deep Agency “offers virtual photo studio services with advanced AI technology for professional photos without leaving home,” according to the website. It’s the creation of Dutch entrepreneur Danny Postma. And he seems to have it in for professional photographers and models.

According to the website, you can now “elevate your photo game and say goodbye to traditional photo shoots.” It uses the latest AI image-generating technology, which lets you even go so far as to pick a pose for the model to stand in.

You can even choose the type of camera, the time of day, shutter speed, and lens focal length. Although I’m a little uncertain what exactly a Canon EOS Mark II actually is.

Opinion on Twitter has so far been divided between brand and business owners who would “totally use it” and the poor sad souls among us who will likely lose our jobs to AI at some point. As one person pointed out, “even pretty people aren’t safe from the takeover of AI!”


Sadly no hands or teeth are as yet available in the virtual model photos, mainly due to the terrible standard AI image generators have creating these two things. If you want hands or teeth, you’re definitely still better off using a real model and a camera. Actually, you’re probably still better off anyway using a real photographer who knows how to light properly.

Is this really the future, or just simply a race to the bottom for budget brands? What do you think?

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