SmartSystem SmartCAM TEMPO Introduced – Rugged SDI Splitter and Reclocker

SmartSystem SmartCAM TEMPO Introduced – Rugged SDI Splitter and Reclocker

The new SmartSystem SmartCAM TEMPO is an SDI splitter featuring a rugged aluminum design. It supports 12G SDI inputs, offers two SDI outputs, and has a built-in OLED screen to display signal information and diagnostic data. It retails for about €430.

SmartSystem is an Italian manufacturer specializing in the production of high-end camera support and motion control systems. These include their SmartCAM MATRIX sled series, the ArmX1 stabilization arm, sliders, dollies, motion controllers, and more.

The company has recently introduced a compact SDI splitter, called SmartCAM TEMPO, that can come in handy when flying a camera on a sled, for example. So let’s take a quick look!

SmartSystem SmartCAM TEMPO
SmartSystem SmartCAM TEMPO. Source: SmartSystem

SmartSystem SmartCAM TEMPO – features

The SmartSystem SmartCAM TEMPO takes a single SDI input and splits that up into two SDI output signals that are fully buffered and re-clocked, according to the company. The device supports 12G SDI input signals.

SmartSystem SmartCAM TEMPO. Source: SmartSystem

Moreover, the front of the splitter integrates an OLED display that allows users to monitor signal type, link quality, equalization amount, and temperature. An Eye-Pattern diagnostic tool is also available to evaluate the quality of the input signal.

Eye-Pattern signal quality monitoring tool on SmartSystem SmartCAM TEMPO
Eye-Pattern signal quality monitoring tool. Source: SmartSystem

The back of the splitter hosts a 15mm rod clamp to quickly and securely attach the device to your rig, along with two 2-pin in/out power ports (10-17VDC) with a polarity agnostic design. The SmartCAM TEMPO draws less than 5W of power and has a built-in heat-sink for heat dissipation.

Rugged design and upgradable firmware

According to the company, the aluminum construction of the SmartCAM TEMPO is solid enough to provide peace of mind when working on set. The device measures 91x73x31.5mm / 3.58×2.87×1.24” including all connectors, and weighs 0.180g/0.39lbs.

SmartSystem SmartCAM TEMPO technical drawing
SmartSystem SmartCAM TEMPO technical drawing. Source: SmartSystem

Finally, the box can be connected to a computer via a dedicated USB port placed next to the SDI input connector. This allows users to benefit from future firmware updates that can be installed through the SmartSystem Burner desktop app available for both Windows and Mac machines.

Price and availability

The new SmartSystem SmartCAM TEMPO is now available to purchase from the manufacturer’s website. Its official retail price is set at around €430 excluding VAT and custom fees.

For more information, please visit SmartSystem’s website here.

Do you often need an SDI splitter? What do you think of this new solution from SmartSystem? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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