The Kang Dynasty To Feature A New Squad of MCU Heroes as Bob Iger Looks Towards Bringing Changes to the Franchise

We already know the movies and shows that will be released during Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 5 and 6, with the next Avengers movie set to be Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. MCU fans have been used to the old set of Avengers for a very long time, but it seems like a new team will be assembling in order to tackle the next big baddie of the franchise.

A recent report by The Hollywood Reporter provides us an insight into the upcoming Avengers team, through the comments of Disney CEO, Bob Iger at a Morgan Stanley Conference. He also spoke about the changes that needs to be brought about to the MCU and how Disney is looking at this franchise for the future.

Iger first spoke about how the MCU doesn’t necessarily have to look towards the “volume of Marvel storytelling”, instead they should look towards how many times they can recycle certain characters. He also went on to speak about how sequels for the movies are good for them but is there a need to add a third or even a fourth instalment to these franchises.

Iger then went on to said whether the franchise needs to “turn to other characters” now. He added that there is nothing “inherently off” about the Marvel brand, but the team should look towards the stories and characters that are being mined. He then talked about how fans can expect “a lot of newness” in the next 5 years and also see a “whole new set of Avengers” for the franchise.

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