If your camera was a person, here’s what it would be like

camera person nikon

They say people and pets start to look alike after some time. And if your “pet” is your camera, are you two starting to look alike too? Rachel and Daniel of Mango Street imagine what it would look like if the camera brands we use were people. In this light-hearted sketch, they show us what they imagined, so let’s see if you agree.

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In the video, Rachel and Daniel imagine what some of the major camera brands would look like if they were people. They included Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony, Leica, Pentax, and Phase One. I chuckled when Phase One entered the room, but this comment on the video really cracked me up: “The most realistic part is how they forgot to invite Olympus.”

People in the comments say that Daniel and Rachel did a pretty good job and that these “camera brand people” are pretty accurately depicted. Now I’m waiting for part two. It could contain different film cameras or smartphones – that sure would be fun to watch.

[If Camera Brands Were People | Mango Street]


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